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Bringing together industry professionals and educators to inspire and encourage student creativity. 

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asbeProviding Services to Teachers, Students and Designers in the Automotive Design Industry.

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    Since 2003, the asbe Foundation has promoted design and engineering as a career choice. asbe Foundation encourages and recognize the achievement and creativity of students with scholarships and awards. Partnering with schools and business within the industry to help coordinate tours as well as develop workshops that strengthen technical skills of high school design instructors.


To find out how you can be a part of the asbe Foundation or you have a student who would like to participate in our design challenge please feel free to contact us. 248 403-8365



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asbe Design Challenge

For over 60 years, the High School Design Challenge has encouraged students to be creative in solving an automotive-based design problem.

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Instructor Workshops

asbe Foundation conducts training seminars for High School and College Design Instructors to help them remain informed of industry trends to keep their curricula relevant. 

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Plant Tours

asbe Foundation, in conjunction with the Design and Manufacturing Alliance, arranges industrial and historical tours for High School and College Students.

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Deserving community college and university students nominated by their instructors for their design/engineering ability and demonstrated leadership are recognized and receive asbe scholarships. 

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Technical Seminars

asbe Foundation sponsors Technical Seminars on cutting-edge technologies for industry professionals, to keep the design community abreast of changing technologies.

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MITES Creativity Award

asbe Foundation recognizes the Most Creative project submitted at the annual Michigan Industrial Technology Educational Society Competition. (MITES)

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