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 President’s Message - Dave Barran

This last year and a half has changed the way we live, provide education, socialize and communicate with others.  While the asbe Foundation has continued to pursue it’s mission of encouraging and helping students, we were forced to curtail some of our activities and modify others.

 The pandemic brought a temporary halt to student industry and historical tours.  The 2020 college student awards were presented virtually, The 2020 Design Challenge contest became the 2020/2021 contest and our contest and college award banquet, last April, evolved into a successful Zoom awards presentation.

The Autorama and the annual MITES competition were cancelled and our 2020 fund raising golf outing had to be cancelled but evolved into a donation drive which fortunately was well supported. We were able to hold our 2021 fund raising golf outing last September and our thanks go to those that sponsored, participated and donated to our cause. It was our best fund raiser ever.

 Today, most students are back in regular class and our Design Challenge contest and college student award program are in full swing. We are committed to our large education display at the Autorama this coming March with The College for Creative Studies, Oakland University and Mott Community College as our partners. Once, again I will have the opportunity to speak to up to 3000 high school students about design and engineering careers at the Autorama student day.  Our Annual Design Challenge and College Award banquet is slated to return on April 26th with Josh Tavel   GM’s Executive Chief Engineer for electric trucks as our guest speaker.  Finally, we are in midst of developing a industry speaker and career information source for students and working to update and strengthen our website and social media links

As Covid wanes, hopefully, our student and teacher industrial and historical tours will be starting again as well as our MITES Convention creativity award.

Let us all hope that the inevitable surge of the Omicron Covid Virus comes and goes quickly, all of the students can enjoy a “near” normal school year and we can be back in full swing encouraging supporting students interested in technical careers.

The Foundation is an all volunteer organization.  What we can accomplish is determined by corporate sponsorship, individual financial support and the involvement of our volunteer staff. The more team members and resources we have, determines what we can accomplish. Please consider joining our team or supporting our efforts.


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