Design Challenge

For over 60 years, the High School Design Challenge has encouraged students to be creative in solving an automotive-based design problem.

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Participation in the Design Challenge keeps curriculum current, encourages student creativity, provides an industry based activity, and reinforces your Drafting and Art programs. The educational benefit of the Competition is to give students a problem that requires the practical application of the Design Process.

The Design Process starts with a concept sketch or idea, is then refined, and finally developed into a functional part. Students are given an industry based problem and are challenged with finding a design solution. Design Concept and Engineering Design are the two categories of the Design Challenge Competition and together they utilize the components of the Design Process. CAD Drafting and artistic skills that students have gained in their classes can be directly applied to an automotive based design problem with the Design Challenge.

Two Categories Engage Both Drafting and Art Students

The Design Concept Category will ask the drafting or art student to propose a creative aesthetic design of
an automotive based problem. It will require a series of sketches or images to show the evolution of the
final design, a final hand or computer-generated rendering of the design, and a one page description of the process that was taken.

The Engineering Design Category asks the drafting student to create a functional design solution to an automotive
based problem. The design will be shown using proper orthographic projection with consideration
to functionality, materials, fasteners, cost, and safety.

Obtaining the Design Challenge Problems and Instructions
A full description of the Challenge, problems, rules, and CAD file in stp format will be furnished to work from. A pdf file will also be available for those students who don’t have access to a CAD system or who choose to submit a hand drawn entry. The documents and files will be emailed to you in response to your registration, with a link to download.

Cash Prizes
Certificates of Recognition and Cash Prizes are awarded to the top eight winners in each Category: Design Concept and Engineering Design. Best of School awards are given to the best entry in each category from high schools that do not place in the top eight.